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Prior to October 2010, there was no Messianic centre in Israel that offered training in worship, music and the arts. With the continued growth of the Body of Messiah, the need for such a place as this became apparent. A centre that would train, equip and guide the artistic expression, creativity and musicality to bring honour to the Lord. After approaching several local and national elders and leaders, Yuval was founded.


For the last six years Yuval has continued to operate and expanded to two campuses. In addition to the weekly classes and training, we organize and host yearly in-house events such as holiday and feast celebrations, mid- and year-end recitals, volunteer performances in hospitals and children’s centres and seminars focused on the technical aspects of this field (i.e.: sound engineering, production, worship team training, and song-writing composition).


Yuval also takes part in producing national Messianic music festivals and concerts in partnership with other Israeli Messianic organizations.


In addition to the vision and operations that we have on a daily basis, Yuval is also a registered and recognized NPO (amuta) in Israel and operates in full compliance with all legal and monetary guidelines of the State of Israel.


The coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Conso nantia.






Yuval is currently the only worship center in Israel.

In both our campuses (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) we cultivate a safe environment for our students to rest, hang out, have fun, open up and most importantly be discipled by our staff members.

We never say no.

In order for us to offer competitive prices, we can only charge 50% of the true cost of the weekly lessons, and are therefore in constant need of support. From day one we’ve seen God’s blessing on never turning a student down. It is our sole purpose to serve the believing community at large without exception.

Together we are united.

In “Yuval” we have the privilege of experiencing God’s unique blessing – many people united in Him! We have a wide variety of over 30 nationalities, multiple backgrounds, unique languages, different ages and denominations. Our youngest student is 3 years old, and our oldest is 76!

Our staff and students attend well over 30 variable congregations in Jerusalem and outside it – and we are so blessed to be united under the banner of His name, grace and love!

We pray that this unity continues throughout the year, that all who enter our doors would feel at home and a part of a family, that the love of Christ, through “Yuval” would touch our believing students, our non-believing students, and the entire community surrounding us.

Please Feel Free to Contact Yuval for Further Information