Yuval Arts | Musical Instruments
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Musical Instruments


Piano and Electric Organ

Theoretical music lessons, musical rules, notes, techniques for the playing with two hands, learning to play musical pieces and the accompaniment of worship music.


Technical teaching of use of the instrument, theoretical rules and learning of musical pieces and styles.



  • Acoustic
  • Classical
  • Electric
  • Bass


Theoretical music lessons, musical rules and notes. Playing techniques for 1 and 2 hands. Learning of musical pieces and the accompaniment of worship music, as well as learning different music styles such as:  Pop, Folk, classical, Jewish folk music and more.

Wind Instruments, Saxophone & Clarinet

Theoretical music lessons, musical rules and notes, learning of musical pieces, development of hearing and the accompaniment of worship music, group performance and learning different styles: Classical, Pop, Jazz, Jewish folk music and Folk music.


Wind Instruments also Include:

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • Tuba

Drums and percussion instruments

During the year the students will learn to develop a sense of rhythm, exercise technical playing on Snare, learn notes for drums, will integrate the different parts of the drum system and will play with playback.

Tar and Persian music

The students will learn the basics of Persian music, and playing on the Tar. Technique development, theory, ancient tunes, different rhythms and methods will also be included in the lessons.

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